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The organization Les Anciennes troupes militaires de Montréal is proud to have partners with whom to collaborate during the summer season or during unifying events. Whether it is the Glengarry Highland Games, those of Montreal, the Pointe-à-Callière Public Market of the 18th Century, 1804 - l'événement, or even opportunities to contribute to academic research, the Anciennes troupes militaires de Montreal are doing everything to join the widest possible audience. The organization is therefore not only a unique element of Montreal's cultural offering, but also an organization enriched by its diversity.

Become a partner

Become a partner


In order to spread and promote knowledge on military cultural heritage, the Anciennes troupes militaires de Montréal recruit students to offer them a summer job as historical interpreters or cultural mediators. That way, the Anciennes troupes militaires de Montréal wish to encourage young people to acquire their history and useful professional skills, such as communication, responsibility, discipline, teamwork and leadership. The organization encourages the students it hires to surpass themselves and achieve excellence, both professionally and academically. To achieve this, the Anciennes troupes militaires de Montréal offer an exciting summer job that allows them to continue their education through post-secondary studies and also wish to give these students scholarships. The organization is committed to recruiting students, men or women, of all origins, in order to respect employment equity.

Partly funded by two levels of government, certain foundations, as well as donations and independent income mainly from fundraising, it must also seek the support of patrons and philanthropists, private organizations, foundations and committed corporate citizens. , in order to ensure a diversified cultural offer. The Anciennes troupes militaires de Montréal offer partnership opportunities that enhance them and allows them to position themselves as community leaders.

Whether you are a corporate citizen or simply a lover of culture, history and heritage, giving to the Anciennes troupes militaires de Montréal is contributing to this unique element of Montreal culture as well as giving an exceptional job to students!

Principal partners

The Anciennes troupes militaires de Montréal would like to thank the Chateau Ramezay, Historic Site and Museum, Old Montreal, for their valuable contribution.

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